Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Creativity needs a helping hand

I have hated blogging for a few years now and refused to even participate for the simple reason that I wasted many hours e-mailing in the early internet days and just got tired of writing. However,creative blogging is different because it’s sole purpose is to help me sort out my creative ideas and to keep me going. New blogs are also much more interesting than they used to be more like magazine pages really.
After a very long gap I have re-ignited my passion for knitwear design and this blog is going to help me create every day. It is my vehicle for ideas and photos and is really just an online scrapbook of thoughts and pics. I have my real sketchbook which is a different thing and private to me. So today I joined www.ravelry.com…a fantastic site for the online knitwear community and I am so pleased it exists because there are hundreds of kindred spirits out there. The image today is for retro inspiration which is one of the themes I am working on.

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