Monday, 20 April 2009

Hells Knitwear

I was just thinking how much I needed a good laugh and came across this blogspot
The author's commentary on the above mohawk hat!! had me in hysterics :) Hard to believe anyone took the time to actually knit this thing . Perhaps my teenager would like one!!! It's high maintenance having a real one so shave your hair off and pop this on instead. It's even more funny because it's being modeled oh! so seriously by quite a good looking guy who must have had to do 50 shots in order to keep his face straight :)
There is a plethora of dubious knitwear around and I will probably post my favourites now and again. In fact I have no doubt been guilty of that prize myself. You know when you start something...think it's going really well and then you try it on and you roll about laughing with horror. I mean how did it turn out like that. This amazing idea I had was supposed to be astonishingly beautiful...not on a par with Marco Pierre-Whites headscarf :)
Anyway I was also checking out doll knitwear because I love Isabelles Ribeiro's dolls but have rarely seen any decent doll knitwear although I think Nicky Epstein has done a couple of nice books for barbie. However of course I had to focus on the absurd and couldn't resist posting Barbie and Ken in crochet mode. They look cool...don't ya think??? Well...I'm off to crochet myself a weights machine...the closest you'll ever get me to one :)

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