Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Jamie Nelson...Fashion and Beauty Photography

I came across Jamie Nelson a few years ago browsing for photographers. I remember thinking Wow! this girls work is beautiful. She's 35 and living in a cool NY loft. She seems to have a great team of girls working with her......a stylist/director, a hairdresser and make-up artist and they think of the ideas for the shoots between them . To be honest she leads one of those dream life-styles that many girls envy and at such a young age is doing very high-profile campaigns for the likes of Chanel,Vogue etc and every cool magazine. She even does huge billboard ads in Times Square.
I really like the simplicity of her work and the fact that it reminds me of illustration which is why I 'm drawn to it. It's very painterly and of course she obviously makes good use of photoshop but she still has a great make-up artist.
I got thinking about photography today and I just remembered Jamie's photos and wanted to look at them again and share them on the blog.

They inspire me to draw.

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