Monday, 6 April 2009

Knitting Pledge

Well..Here we have it ...concrete evidence that I have indeed taught my son to knit. Try to ignore the fact that he is actually more interested in watching "Top Gear". :) He really has got the hang of it and will update on the length of his new "Dr Who" style scarf very soon.(ie: very long).
I joined a pledge to teach some-one to knit on KnitLuck's website. You can do it as well :) It's upto us girls to pass it on and never let this art die.


  1. Wow, I'm impressed that you've finished your pledge so fast!
    How great that your son is open to knitting.
    Looks like he is a good multitasker...can't wait to see his finished Dr. Who scarf!

  2. Toby was really thrilled that you left a comment and seems to be even more enthusiastic about finishing the scarf. He's even been thinking of innovative ways to knit such as wedging one needle on the outside of a table and knitting like a machine :)) I'll be posting his ideas soon..

  3. That is so fantastic that your son is knitting! I wish I started working with yarn at an earlier age. And I admire how he's inventing ways to knit in his own style. It already looks like his Dr.Who scarf is going to be a hit! Bravo! :)



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