Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Grand Designs Live at Excel

Grand Designs Live was a large exhibition with different sections for interiors,gardens, building and kitchens and bathrooms. There were hundreds of display stands and took quite a long time to get round it. I didn't take as many pics as I could of done because I was too busy looking..:)
There were guest speakers giving talks and managed to hit on one of my favourite interior designers Oliver Heath but I'll write more about him later. It was just cool to see him and listen to him talk.
Toby seems to have attracted some geeky girl in the pic above. Funny he always gets those types staring at him...lol

This is my son Toby in a cool garden pod that he was quite taken with. I'd love one...really good fun.
I've always loved American Retro. I think we do over here in the UK because it's not so common. Obviously you only have to go to the local diner to get it in America but we don't have diners. I wish I'd found this company when I was looking for a kitchen table and chairs because they look great and are comfortable and functional for a kitchen.

These bathrooms were nicely displayed and gave me inspiration because I have a bath like that in the garage with a black marble basin to go with it and I just havn't managed to get it fitted yet!!!! I must get a move on and post some before and after pics which I love to do.
Don't these cakes look unreal....lol Probably full of e-numbers but I managed to devour two of them because I just couldn't resist them.


  1. I want to grab one of those cupcakes and eat it inside the pink bathroom!

  2. Funny Isabelle said that! I was just going to write the same thing!

  3. My sons would flip to be in that Pod...how cool!!!



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