Sunday, 21 June 2009


This is a very inspiring fashion trend website Cyanatrendland. I came across this site browsing one of my favourite blogs English Muse.
I was stopped in my tracks by these photos in the Jewelry design section.
The photos are taken by Patrizio di Renzo and the jewelry is designer Majo Fruithoff’s latest jewelry collection. The photographer was in charge of the concept, artwork and creative direction. I love the fact that he did it all himself but I'm sure only he knew how he wanted these photos to look. The simplicity of the black and the poses really sets of the fabulous jewelry.
They both have beautiful websites and his photos are amazing. I'm just in awe of both of them :) This set of photos is called Pure Poison and there are more on his website.
I adore fashion photography because it's hard to achieve. These models look like mannequins. I know how hard it is getting a stylized fashion drawing and photography is just the same in that respect. I would love some of Patrizio's photos on my wall :)
These pics inspire me to draw and they inspire knitwear as well...particularly black with jewel colours.

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