Monday, 29 June 2009

My Fav...MJ pics

This one has just been released. Only 2 days before he died rehearsing in LA. I love it because of his smile.It's a very genuine smile...lights up his whole face. He looks happy to me because he is in his comfort zone. He really doesn't look like he is going to be dead in 2 days time . I'm comparing it to the pic below and it's the same ol' Michael.
I've never seen this pic before but it's my fav. because he looks normal and healthy and glowing.He doesn't need make-up, no crazy costume. It's just him and he looks great. Look at those dancing legs and feet...sooo strong. It's sad he didn't keep his level of fitness up like this because he would have been here now. 50 is not old . Ask Madonna .. lol

I like this one because it shows his passion.
I was inspired to find these because dear Isabelle put some lovely pics on her blog by Bruce Weber. It's interesting to see him in a more fashion enviroment. He was fashion unto himself though and his styles have been copied a million times. He was the sort of person who could wear anything and get away with it.
I'm still blogging about him because he is on my mind and my brain is full of his music right now so it would seem disrespectful to start blogging about some other nonsense.

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