Saturday, 20 June 2009

Stash in the Kitchen...

Buttons like Sweets :) These are for kiddies knits when I get round to
As you can see I ordered a whole stash of yarns and turned the kitchen into a knitters sweetie shop :) The yarn is from Texere yarns. It's a huge mill in Yorkshire and is great for buying bulk yarn. They have limited fancy yarn but fantastic wool , cotton and chenille at very good prices for hand and machine knitting. As you can see they have pages and pages of sample yarns to choose from.
I bought a chunky brother off Ebay. I used to use brother machines many years ago . It didn't take long to remember what to do and how much fun it is :)
Toby being into machinery was fascinated of course and soon took over the knitting
The very reason I had to stop knitting was because he pulled all the needles out of my machine and nearly poked his eye out with a knitting needle. Funny to think 15 years later he can probably help me knit a jumper. What a long
I'm moving it all into a cute room upstairs that I am decorating but for now I'm enjoying knitting in the I have moved the yarn now so we can Wonder what delights that yarn is going to turn into...mmmmm


  1. I am in such need of a craft room, I'm using our hallway area off of my office. I have filled an old antique piece with my items, but it is such a mess. please do post pics when you get your craft room under way, I'd love to see it. I'll do the same if it ever happens!! Have a lovely day

  2. Hi Bunny :) I will post pics and we must keep on at each other to get our craft rooms done. A week ago I was supposed to have it all painted but it still isn't I'm off to paint...NOW :)
    Maybe you could convert part of your office.

  3. I wish , but my office is too small. I may have to wait until my four year old out grows some of his toys and then I can use a spot in our basement (where his playroom and our laundry room is) Now I have a big cluttered mess and I dream of a white modern space mixed with some old baskets and jelly/Ball jars to help organize things. I'm going to keep trying to find a spot!! Have a lovely day



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