Sunday, 5 July 2009

O2 Shrine for Michael

That's me writing a little something in the memorial book. :) The girl before me was crying buckets. I felt for her. I had to write through her tears on the page.

The 02 is an interesting architectural acheivement. I've always know it as the Dome but it is now the 02 and having stood empty for a while the idea of holding concerts there was a stroke of genius. Some of the biggest names now come to the 02 and it has re-generated a very quiet part of London.
Yes...We certainly will. There have been times when I took Michael for granted but since his death I have watched so many of his videos and listened to so much of his music that I think I now fully realise just how incredible he was. I think this has happened to many people. Some-one said when Elvis died "Great Career Move'. I think the same can be said for Michael ironically enough.


  1. I'm glad (I think?) to see I'm not the only one still mourning. I'm still so bummed. :(

  2. Me, you and millions of others :) Tomorrow's memorial will be a sad day :( I'll be tweeting with tears all over the keyboard.



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