Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Exotic Cushions

"This gold cushion features a central panel of gold Thai silk embroidered with a huge cream flower. It has luscious dark purple linen velvet ends and orange taffeta in between. It has 2 rows of purple and maroon ribbon that I bought in a tiny haberdashery shop in Nantes." Jo Ludbrooks description. I just bought this one :) Couldn't resist.

As I was hunting around the internet for cushions I came across this lovely site exotic cushions. They are all hand-made by cushion designer extraordinaire Jo Ludbrook. Go check out her site :)
I thought they were delicious and just had to blog them because they are inspiring :)


  1. Hi Gina. Thanks for putting my cushions on your lovely blog. Yours is just about to go to the Post Office.
    Best wishes
    Jo Ludbrook

  2. Thank-you so much Jo :) Can't wait to get it :)

  3. Hi I am Jo's sister Sue, in Australia I also found your blog and love it .I do have a clever sister.I also knit and sew.The knitted cushions of yours look fabulous.Many years ago I also had a knitting machine.But all I managed to make was one very large mans jumper. Lucky it was for a very large man !

  4. Gina...I love these cushions. I want the one on the bottom for my craft room (that I am slowly doing over) I have a little antique French daybed in there w/ crisp white walls and a lot of more modern bright fabrics and that would look divine !! I'm going to check out her site
    have a great day

  5. Hi Bunny. I hope you buy that cushion :) It's fab isn't it. Good luck with your room. I am busy decorating at the moment :) I bought some frames wallpaper from Grahame and Green and I'm into yellow squares...mmmm go figure :)
    Gina xxx

  6. Hi Suez...lovely to meet you. I'm liking your blog too. You seem very busy with your business :) Knitting machines can be tricky. It can take a while to get things right but when you do it can be addictive :)



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