Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Knitting for the Home

Detail from a Lauren Saunders cushion.

So my knitting machine is sitting there and I have a million projects for myself to do but being the business minded person that I am I need to sell stuff otherwise I'm just not happy..:) I love property and interiors and I love putting hand made items into rooms. Like clothes so much is mass produced and I am a lover of the hand-made. I know how it feels to put your heart and soul into a finished item and the satisfaction it gives just has no substitute.
I thought I'd scour Etsy but there wern't that many cushions to be honest and my favourites were by Strickk as you can see in the pics above.

I came across Lauren Saunders website and felt very inspired by her cushion designs. she is inspired by nature and the landscape resulting in lovely organic patterns. They are hand-loomed on a knitting machine. I would call this intarsia...a method that I am very fond of but it is as time consuming as hand-knitting. I noticed she is selling one cushion for $170. Would you pay that much for a cushion I wonder? Do you like knitted cushions? Let me know in a comment :)

I just have to try knitting one of these puff daddy knitted stools :) I'm sure I could rope my son into helping me as he loves massive needles. I think it's probably best knitted in the round. I found it on Pickles website with instructions.

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