Sunday, 5 July 2009

Madonna at the O2... July 4th

Sticky and Sweet....The pics arn't that great because I was quite far from the stage but they are a nice reminder of what a brilliant show she put on. The sound and lights and effects were brilliant . She owes a lot to the amazing team who work with her I think. She was full of energy and you would never think she was 50. Many of her old fave's were vamped up. The music sounded incredible....even her voice. I have heard that the O2 has the most advanced lip-synching technology in the world...great for Actually I read that it was why Micheal was keen to play there in case he got tired and could rely on the technology.
She had new ideas for this tour and it seemed to have a teenage graffiti theme for some of the sets with lots of skipping. I think she had stolen some of Lourdes's I think she is quite influenced by her daughter's style and energy at the moment.
These amazing screens they had kept appearing and disappearing.
There were tributes to Michael of course and the best one can be seen on video at her website on the front page. As soon as pics of Micheal came up on screen the place erupted and then an impersonator appeared and did typical Michael dancing with the moonwalk etc. She then said "Let's give it up for one of the greatest artists the world has ever known, Michael Jackson, Long live the king" She also wore one white glove with her dancers for some sets. When the show ended they played a Micheal song. I felt sad then because it was really him that I had wanted to see. He would have put on a fantastic show there, probably better than Madonna's. It's a terrible shame.

This is how high up I was. I didn't exactly get to see her clearly except through the binoculors. However I got my tickets on the day of the concert and was lucky to see it really. At this point Paul Oakenfold is playing some pretty cool dance music and mixing it up.
A trailer of the tour is here...

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  1. I am a huge Madonna and MJ fan. I have truly been heartbroken since his death. I don't usually get like that over celebs...but Michael was a genious and I will greatly miss his art. I saw Madonna a few years ago and she is unbelievable. Love this post!!!



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