Monday, 26 October 2009

Changing Rooms

I have two rooms in my house that are exactly the same. I decided to move from one room and make a completely different room. It has taken me a while to decorate it. The blue room will now be my son's room. The other is supposed to be my work room but it's a bedroom for the moment until I can get my son to move out of the master bedroom :) Why he has the main bedroom and en-suite while I have a little room I have no idea !!! but things are going to change around here :)
Which room do you prefer?


  1. I just love the bedspread with the red flowers on it!

  2. Thank-you Belle :) Decorating takes so long it's always a relief when it's done and you can live again :)
    Thank-you Knifty...Putting on the bedspread was the easy bit but it tends to be what people notice first...not the hours spent painting ,laying the flooring and putting up the wallpaper :)

  3. Gina, I LOVE the bedspread in the top photo, and the chair is divine!! Both rooms are gorgeous but If I had to pick it would be the top because I love the pink chair (my fav. color) and the rug is spectacular...they are both just perfect, magazine material :)

  4. I love those mirrored cabinets best.



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