Saturday, 15 May 2010

Audrey and Marilyn

My two most favourite women :)
Some of my favourite pics of these two inspiring ladies.


  1. Hi Gina,
    I love all these images, the one on the bottom with the mirror/reflection is gorgeous! Your blog header etc. is beautiful, congratulations!
    I hope you are having nice weather this weekend.
    Thanks for your kind comments on the party I did, I went over the top for my little niece, since I have no daughters it is fun to do a 'girly' theme party for once and Oliver is still young enough he let me :)
    But then when its over I can't wait to take everything down, I don't like any clutter, when its over its over....This weekend I am relaxing and doing absolutely nothing ...YAY

  2. Hi Bunny...Thank-you for stopping by :) Thought I'd better do some more blogging before I forget altogether. I can imagine doing a girly theme was such fun for you. You do fantastic's your job and of course everything gets cleared away afterwards. Hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend ..x



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