Sunday, 30 May 2010


Beautiful 'Marilyn' Drawers designed by Mark Wilkinson. He is a master craftsman famous for his beautiful kitchens. Find out more about his designs here

I wanted to buy that quirky roulette Mannequin :) I love was perfect..
These designs are by online here

Paul Becket designed these award winning mechanical timepieces. PEL is automatic and keeps time all year round. For more info go to Paul's website here
This speaker was priced at £50,000 ...woweeeee
So it's another year and it doesn't seem like 5 minutes since I last went to the Grand Designs exhibition at Excel. It was pretty much the same layout with the same emphasis on eco products just like last year. Hopefully more people will be catching on to them. I do think it is the future and people should embrace new ideas. There were more small designer stands, which was good to see. The pictures above illustrate the sort of thing on offer. It's great to look around and come home with a huge bag of cards and promotional material and inspiration. I always enjoy myself wandering around but this time the cakes were not so colourful, so no cakes pics I'm afraid :(

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  1. Wow this is spectacular I wish It were in NYC so I could go. I love the lighting/chandeliers in the second photo. I would love the one on the far left to go in my studio. They are probably very expensive (:
    Have a nice evening..



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