Wednesday, 12 May 2010

TATE Liverpool

DL Piper Series exhibition area

Michelangelo Pistolleto Door 1976 1997
During my last visit to Liverpool I popped into the Tate as usual. Showing on the second floor for free of course was the DLA Piper Series: This is Sculpture exhibition.
The show comprised of sculpture in many forms...object,installation,assemblage and ready-made. There were familiar pieces and not so familiar pieces.
I particularly liked the glass box on the antique stand filled with items from a bathroom cabinet. The artist was possibly trying to imply that everyday items where as beautiful and as worthy of display as intricate antique furniture. I have to say I wouldn't want to display the junk in my bathroom cabinet, that's the reason why I have a cabinet, but I like the idea of seeing beauty in ugliness.
Magritte always inspires because I find surrealism amusing. I like it's playfulness. I like this sense of fun in my own work.
The third floor not shown here was curated by Wayne Hemingway and his son Jack. He had the idea of making the space more like a nightclub because he finds Art Galleries oppressive. Headphones were provided with a relaxing jazzy vibe and in the middle of the space was a lit-up dance floor. If anyone felt like dancing they could go ahead. I loved it. I enjoyed looking at the Art more this way. Sometimes when I look at Art I want to feel alone immersed in my own senses and this was a perfect way to do that.

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