Monday, 17 May 2010

I LOVE Cupcakes

My Fabulous Yummy Cupcakes
My Lovely Heart-shaped Cakes
Colourful Cakes at The Grand Designs Exhibition

I was feeling a little bit tired and jaded, so I decided to bake some little cakes :)
I don't have a mixer but the process of beating the hell out of a mixture is therapeutic in itself :)
I also wanted to use my new silicone heart shaped mould. It wasn't as easy as they tell you it is to get them out in one piece.
My cakes looked a little bit sad until I got all the goodies out and unleashed my creativity on the poor little things. I'm pleased with the result. They look kinda different :) and they taste great because I put loads of jam and butter icing in the middle, which has kept them lovely and moist.
You just cannot beat licking the spoon either...OMG..Heaven :)
Of course I am expecting to have to go a protein diet for two days just to counteract this indulgence :) If only I could just have cake and eat it and still look like I never eat cake .

As I bite into one of my delicious cakes the trauma of Blogger changing the way we do our posts does not seem quite so bad. Now I have to put all my pics in a damn Picasa Web Album....Grrr
However the upside is that pics are huge now , which I adore :) Don't they look good?
Now blogger has gone back to the old way. I am very confused!!
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