Tuesday, 15 June 2010

She Reflected the Dots

I decided to try and make more of an effort with my not so exciting point and shoot camera!!! The depressing thing is that there are people on Flickr who take amazing shots with very similar cameras....soooo blaming one's tools just isn't going to get any sympathy here really :D
I thought that I would start at home and just look around for anything that I could snap in a more thought about kinda way :D
So the first victim was a painting that I did years ago on foundation in Liverpool, which just happened to be next to some lights. I must have been 19 when I did the painting. My mother kept it for me all these years and I just discovered it again. It's nothing great but I remember I really enjoyed the process of painting it with numerous layers of ink. So here is my attempt to capture the reflected lights :D


  1. Wow Gina very cool...you are quite talented! I need so much help with the settings on my camera, it is overwhelming at times!

  2. Bunny...Believe me... there are about two settings on this little camera :D
    I just thought it would be more of a challenge to try and get something with it than rely on some expensive equipment :D
    However I would like a decent camera but I know the settings might just kill off the creativity!!!
    I'm sure your talented son can help you out :D
    Gina xxx



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