Wednesday, 8 December 2010

After so Long....

 The view from the front of the house. I can see a crazy :)
 Jack frost in the back garden.
I can hardly believe that my last entry was in June!! I have moved from the city of London to the peace and quiet of a small village near Liverpool. I have so much space here. The air is clean and I have lovely views from the front of the house. The land belongs to Lord Derby and will never be built on. The last six months have been filled with finishing the renovations on my house in London and packing many boxes. I'm relieved that it's all over with and my house is rented and now I have the time to do other things. :) At the end of the road are the impressive gates to the estate and Knowsley Safari Park. Strange to think that there are many wild animals within 2 miles of my house.


  1. Gina,
    its great to see you blogging again! Your new home sounds incredible especially the land and views which is always my favorite part! I could live in a tent as long as I had my garden! Best of luck to you!

  2. Thanks Bunny ..:) I really think you would get bored in a tent ..hahaha
    After living in London for 25 years and not having masses of space it's great to come back here. The garden needs much tending :) So I'm looking forward to spending the summer working on it.
    Have a lovely xmas filled with all the parties and cocktails that you create so brilliantly :) xx

  3. Thanks for asking about Oliver...yes he is all better and tonight he will be singing away at his holiday concert :)
    I just got back from my is so ridiculously cold out there!!! And yes I would be 500 pounds if I ate and drank as much as I do without exercise...we sure drink a lot of cocktails around here LOL..oh well we only live once :) If you are ever in the NY area you must stop by for a visit and if you are single?? I have the perfect date for you...I am such a match maker.. I can't remember if you are married or not..I do believe you have a son. I love to fix people up..
    Have a wonderful day/evening

  4. I'd love to come back to NYC..I love it so much :) Spent some great times there in the past. Well..I'm not but I do have a Toby...he's 16.
    You are funny..I wonder who that might be?...not someone beginning with
    I only wish I lived nearby to you because I'd be round for cocktails every five minutes..:)
    Hope Oliver's concert went well? xx

  5. Ha, you are a riot...we would love to have you over every 5 minutes for cocktails! The more the merrier....I also have a 16 year old Sam soon to be 17! Well wishing you all a Happy Christmas!!
    yes the concert went well..TX :)



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