Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Melting Snow :)

I'm so glad the snow is melting and life is becoming more normal :) I'm not happy when it's hard to travel and difficult to even walk down the road. Luckily it was mainly over Christmas and we could just stay in and eat and watch TV, play games and play music. My present was the fab Project III debut red turntable. I'd forgotten just how amazing vinyl sounds and there was me ready to give it all away about six years ago. I'm so glad I kept it all because the memories from every record are absolutely priceless.  
It was lovely to have a white Christmas and I know when it's gone I will appreciate what we had so much more :)  It was strange being in the house that belonged to my parents and the house that i grew up in from the age of 11. I have had so many Christmases in this house but I have tried to make it my own and not dwell too much on the past. My parents would just be happy that we are taking care of the house and enjoying the lovely enviroment. There is still much to do. I don't even have a sofa yet or curtains :) I can't wait to gradually put my mark on the house.


  1. Happy New Year Gina!!!
    Your home and YOU are gorgeous!! I love the view, the window and the stunning herringbone floors in the post below. ( the baubles on the tree are great too )
    I hope you are settled in, it looks so beautiful. I didnt realize this was your parents home, that is awesome.
    Take care

  2. Thanks Bunny..Such kind words :)
    Yes, I inherited the house 3 years ago but it suffered a bad burst pipe and flooding and took a year to renovate. The original floor was destroyed but I put the lovely new parquet in. My parents actually had carpet and the house looked very different. The piano and the sideboard are the only items I have kept. Most things were ruined in the flood but my parents didn't collect antiques like yours :)
    Hope you've got used to the cold again after your holiday. I'm thinking of going to Egypt soon to get away from the cold :)
    Take care too xxx Gina



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