Sunday, 2 January 2011


Happy New Year
Eye of Horus
Pentacle Pendant

Firstly, Happy New Year to anyone reading this blog. :) I hope the coming year fulfills all your wishes.
The first day of 2011 has just passed but what a fabulous day. The four ones... 1:1:11....

It certainly felt like a witchy kind of a day and prompted me to read a couple of books I bought recently. I love the idea of psychic self-defense. When anyone directs a thought towards you they are directing an energy. If you are not centred in yourself this can affect your own mood if it is a bad thought. Some people are Psychic Vampires. These people drain others of their energy, vitality, and emotion. Protection magick keeps you healthy and aware of this type of energy.

I'm waiting for my cool pentacle pendant in the post. A friend saw it in a charity shop and thought of me...the best kind of present.:)

I'm very fond of Egyptian mythology. Bast is one of my favourites Goddesses. She has the head of a black cat. The Egyptian people turned to her for protection and blessing. The cat was a demi-god in Egypt and often regarded as more important than humans.

The statues I have were given to me by my late mother .They are very precious to me.

I also love the black bag with the Eye of Horus embossed onto the fabric. The eye is a protection symbol associated with royal power from the Gods. The design of the eye is fractional,meaning that each part of the image represents a different fraction. I love this. It's not unlike the Golden Section.

Have a wonderful year and stay protected and happy.


  1. Ok now I am able to link over here
    I love the black velvet bag..!!
    Hope you are having a nice weekend

  2. I love that bag too :)
    You're probably thinking is this the Gina I know :)
    I'm interested in many things and this is one I've picked up again recently. It's inspiring me to go to Egypt soon for a holiday and study the mythology a bit more and get design ideas of course.
    Hope your enjoying all your lovely flowers..:)
    Gina xx



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